Weird Shouldn’t Exist

Simeon Fadahunsi
2 min readOct 2, 2020


In August, I moved across continents and it has been awesome day by day, I have been unlearning and learning every day.

I will not even hide it or be “humble” and try to hide the fact that I am enjoying the experience, it is librating actually.

Now I get why people say “Travel if you can” (but of course with available funds).

Unlearning more because there is so much to take out, in terms of habit, behavior, and character that were previously regarded as normal and in the true sense, not necessary.

I remember my first day after my first night when I was going to the grocery store, I saw the pathway for people walking, bikes, and the road for cars.

Yess, that might be normal for some people, but it's not for me. The different lanes showed me that no one is above anyone. The fact that in everything everyone should be represented is just amazing.

During one of my classes we were taught about “Jantelagen” — the law of Jante, it simply translates to

You are not better than anyone else

It is actually something that is practiced not only in Sweden but in other nordic regions. The law has several interpretations also.

About the topic of this article, I have come to understand that we are not different whether from Nigeria, Ghana, Germany, or America.

The courses I am taking now in school has me in 2 different groups with students from different nationalities and truly everyone is weird and no one is weird at the same time, I am not entirely sure how to explain this but focusing on the differences on someone makes you forget that you are different in the lens of another.

Now, this article actually has nothing related to race or the color of people’s skin, I am actually speaking more about how everyone is weird in his own unique way and no one is “bothered” and truly no one should be bothered.

I have had to reduce shaking people’s hands cos it's not really “a thing” for them or speaking slowly so someone can understand me or using very simple words to get my point across or even not sitting beside someone on the bus lol.

All these have just made me realize how “human” we all are, we all have our respective insecurities, awkwardness, and that thing that we think we are not good at, so why should anyone be a “Judge”?

All I am trying to say is we are all inherently the same, and giving ourselves rooms to learn and unlearn our likes and dislikes would greatly affect how we enjoy each other’s company.

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