Why Choose Email Marketing and How to Do it Right?

Simeon Fadahunsi
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Is email marketing really dead??

This morning I got a mail from “Ope from Cowrywise” and it got me thinking of what Email Marketing has turned to and what it will be in a few years.

Let’s see my line of thought

Social Media has always sought to bring us closer to what we are in real life. So in other words, if you are toxic off the internet, on the internet you will still be toxic.

With that in mind, companies wanted to replicate that friendly gesture through emails rather than the traditional email that had catchy and deceptive headlines and low click-through rates especially to subsequent receivers.

A trend was formed, where I don't know but I noticed it. An era of companies characters that made you feel closer like the market rep was your friend.

Here is a list of characters that you might know of:

Ope from Cowrywise
Layo from Piggybank
Uche from Taxify
Lilian from Whogohost
Max of Max.ng

Who remembers Uche, lol I laughed when I remembered his mails.

2017 to 2018 was something else, I would say it was mail terrorism (lol, don’t mind me)

Here are some of the people’s reaction from Twitter
(If you remember those times, you would surely laugh)

Lilian from Whogohost wasn’t much of a nuisance, she just reminded us of Price changes, I guess she loves money

Ope from Cowrywise is a sweetheart I must say, She is there but not in a disturbing manner. She uses not just emails but Push notification and also social media. Consistency and Branding (thumbs up Cowrywise)

Ope will be one of the most successful characters from any startup in Nigeria and this is so because of various reasons:
1. Consistency across brand channels
2. Good timing (one of the most engaging and successful messages from her was one that was sent as a push notification on a Friday evening around 5 pm that reminded people to save and not go and enjoy themselves)
3. She is not trying disturbing. She gives us space
4. Active use of Social Media

After highlighting the success point of Ope, here are issues I think I had with Uche from Taxify;
1. I always had an unread message from Uche and it was disturbing, Timing wasn’t right also

Charles Isidi

2. Taxify’s Social media is all for marketing and didn’t really care about us the users except when it was time to share Jollof Rice for a holiday or Puff Puff.

Social Media for companies is a tool that should be used to assist your audience in their everyday life

So back to what In think email marketing will evolve to.

The truth is it is still a powerful tool that still converts, especially using the power of Storytelling and personalisation. It would still be around for a long period of time, but the key is in having brand consistency when speaking on several channels.

Have you noticed that Banks in Nigeria talk about football on twitter now, lol they care now unlike 2 years ago.

They are learning (sorry this is another talk now)

My name is Simeon, a Digital Marketer and UX Designer, you can connect with me via @allofSimeon on every Social Channel.



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