Who Tells Your Story — Branding/Marketing Tips from the Bible.

Simeon Fadahunsi
2 min readFeb 5, 2020


In Matthew 28 when the Marys went to the tomb to look for Jesus and most likely scent his body. They met a shocker and went to tell his disciples, this brings me to ask the questions

Who tells your story?
Who speaks on your behalf?
Who speaks when you are not in the room?

Your Circle doesn't only have to be good but they have to know you well enough to talk for you.

The Ladies ran to the disciples, notice that the ladies were the first to get to the tomb that day. Another point is all your friends in your circle aren’t the same.

They all have different attributes and know different things. Know how to manage people.

The people closest to you are your evangelists but how well do they know you to be able to evangelise your gospel well.

(laughs, article turned sermon, lol)

Not forgetting that there’s the part of brand messages and creating Loyalist by “being human”

Action Points:
- Your friends should know you so well that they can say oh, Simeon would be interested in this because it's his core

- Seek to expand your Circle because people are different.

- Know your friends and their limitations

Extra Thought — If you have the same set of friends for so long, you are either foolish or wicked.

In our daily interactions with people, you are likely to meet new people, the foolish, good and bad ones. If in all these people you meet you don’t increase your circle or create a different circle then I don’t think you like progress.

Footnote section:
I don’t think I can call this article but thanks for reading.
Article Inspired by a conversation between Pastor Furtick and TD Jakes



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