Applying to Study in Sweden and Getting a Full Scholarship

Simeon Fadahunsi
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Somewhere in Stockholm

Heyyy Guys, so the purpose of writing this is actually to push information I didn’t know about to others so they stand the chance to come to Sweden to study.

So, Goodluck and let’s move

I currently study at Jönköping University and while I didn’t get a scholarship to study here because I didn’t know about it at the right time(but ignorance is not an excuse right), I would want others to try and get it ahead of 2021 or anytime you see this.

  1. The first step is getting your documents ready.

For general applications, you need the following to apply for most schools in Sweden;

  • O’Level/NECO/WAEC (or a certificate to show English Knowledge)
  • Degree Transcript

This has to be sent by your previous university and not personally to the relevant email address.

  • Degree Certificate
  • National Passport Page
  • Motivational Letter

This letter should contain or answer the following; Why Sweden and why the school and program and also highlight from your previous work experience will be improved by what you want to study.

  • Resume/CV (**optional)
  • Academic Reference Letter

For this letter, advisable to get it from a lecturer from your university and also ask that he emphasizes you were taught in English, and if you have been working professionally too, he can add that in.

  • Application Fee — SEK 900 (Under N50,000)

I also made a video explaining the requirements.

2. Applying for a master’s program

You would need to visit and apply for 4 programs that you would be interested in and you are eligible for.

Don’t worry, because you are applying through this site, one application fee works for all four program applications.

The application period starts on 16th October!

Remember that for you to be able to apply for the fully-funded scholarship, you need to register for admission through this site

3. Apply for the SI Scholarship

For the scholarship application, you would need a bit more than the program admission, here they are;

  • Motivation letter

This motivation letter should be different a bit because it is for the scholarship, you should also include why you should be chosen in addition to the previously listed ones above

  • CV
  • Letters of reference
  • Valid and completed proof of work and leadership experience (at least 3000 hrs)

For this, it is 75weeks (if you work for 40hrs/week), however, I think you are good if you have worked for a full year full time and also did contract/freelance projects(and you can prove it somehow, with something like a portfolio)

Read more about the scholarship here and the application start on 8th February!

All anyone can do after applying is wait and hope you get selected but trying/applying increases that chance. Also, keep an eye out for replies and follow-up emails.

While you wait for these responses, it is also important that you apply for other scholarships, universities usually have their own scholarships and this could be tuition-free or 30% (like my school has this).

The SI Scholarship is fully funded and this also includes funds to travel to Sweden and for your monthly upkeep in addition to not paying fees.

You should check here for university-specific scholarships here.

Note: I am not claiming to be an expert in these things and I am only writing this so more people in my network know more about it, as I didn’t apply for the SI scholarship during my application and only knew about it after they announced successful candidates.

I also have a YouTube Channel where I show you highlights of my living in Sweden, it would mean a lot if you checked it and subscribed.



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